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Plant Based Baby Care with Natural Fragrances

New Zealand Made Natural Soap Bars & Baby Care Products

The Little Genie Baby Care Range is made here in the heart of New Zealand using natural fragrances and plant based oils, no nasties of course. All three natural soap bars are gentle & mild for sensitive skin.

The Little Genie Solid Bars are 100 g which is the equivalent of 300 ml liquid. When you are not using the Shampoo Bar, store it dry, as this will make it last longer.

Why you should try using Solid Bars

Solid Bar fan, or maybe just not yet? It can be a bit of a re-think, choosing the solid bars rather than the liquid ones in plastic bottles. Here are a few of the reasons why you should try them:

  • The zero amount of plastic packaging is probably the best reason to go with a solid bar. They are much better for the environment than bottled ones.
  • The bars are also much more concentrated than liquid, so you can use less per application and they will therefor last much longer.
  • These little beauties are also great for traveling around our beautiful country with. Going away for the weekend, these will take up zero space in your bag that is already jam-full of everything else.

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