StarterPack | 10 Reusable Pocket Nappies | 1 Baby Wipe | 2 Booster | 1 Bio Liner

Little Genie

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The Little Genie Starter Pack is great if you haven't tested using our Reusable Pocket Nappies. In the Starter Pack you will get 10 of our Reusable Pocket Nappies. You can either choose from 10 Grey, 10 Mint or if you want 5 of each. Each of the Reusable Nappies comes with 1 Booster. The pack also contains 6 extra Insert Boosters for extra support, during sleep for example. We have also put in the pack the Bio-Liner to protect the Nappies from twos and Nappy Creams. Last but not least, our Compostable Fragrance Free Bamboo Charcoal Baby wipe.

The Starter Pack comes with:
10 Bamboo Charcoal Pocket Nappies Comes with 1 Booster Insert each
1 Compostable Bio Liner (100 Sheets)
2 Booster Insert (3 pack)
1 Charcoal Baby Wipes (60 wipes)

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