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Compostable Bamboo Liner | 100 Pack

Little Genie


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The Little Genie Bio Liners are gentle and soft made from 100% bamboo fibers. They are free of any harsh synthetic chemicals, dyes and preservatives making them perfect for baby’s skin. Fluids pass through Bio Liner while solids remain on top, keeping messes contained for an easy clean-up.

Our Compostable Bio-Liners are great to protect the Little Genie Reusable Pocket Nappies. Once they are used, put them in the compost to party it up with old bananas and apples and within 1-2 months they will be very had to find. For BioLiners with #2s on them either compost separately or place in bin. Please don’t flush them!

Keeping track of how many nappies you have saved from landfill, is a pretty satisfying yet scary number to visualize. You alone will in a few weeks have gone through quite a few of our Bio Liners for your Pocket Nappies. Once the pack is done, 100 nappies saved. Keep them all saved as you go and be oh so proud!⁠

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