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Bio Nappy Pants | Walker | 16 in each pack (Carton 6)

Little Genie

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Little Genie Bio-Nappy Pants Walker for babies 13-18 kg are engineered from as many compostable and biodegradeable materials as possible and is made to provide maximum protection and comfort for your little one.

Will the Nappy Pant fully compost? Approximately 50% of the nappy pant by weight can be composted (the elastic band at the top, for example isn’t compostable and can be ripped off before composting). We have tested our nappy pants independently by burying them in a soil environment and measuring the weight over prolonged periods of time. The results showed that approximately 50% of the nappy pant by weight degraded within 180 days. Depending on how many nappy pants you would use per day, and the size of your home compost, the length of time to compost will vary.

Aside from the elastic, the nappy’s outer is made of 100% soft bamboo from viscose. These nappy pants are free from Chemicals, bleach, chlorine and formaldehyde.

13-18kg, Carton of 6 Packs (16 Nappy pants per pack)

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