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Welcome to The Little Genie Reusable Nappy Challenge

The Nappy Challenge 1-31 May 2021

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1. Pre Soak

Start by PreSoaking your Little Genie Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters in COLD WATER for 24 hours. This will activate the fabric making its soaking abilities tip top! Once soaked, put them in the washing machine for a normal wash. Once dry they are ready to be used.

After the initial pre soak, we do not recommend soaking the nappies any more as they will lose their waterproofing. It is also a  great place for nasty germs to grow.

2. Dry Pail

Once used, flush solids(if any) down the toilet. Separate the Little Genie Pocket Nappy and Insert Booster(s). If no solids, place the Compostable Bio-Liner and Charcoal Baby Wipes in your home compost. They will within 1-2 months compost.  

Rinse to remove number 1 and 2, then place in an airy bucket(pail). Leave to dry pail till you are ready to wash them. We advice not  to leave for more than 2 days.

3. Washing

Put your Little Genie Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters on a quick Pre Wash Programme. After this, bulk up the washing machine with other baby clothes and run a normal programme with a small amount of detergent at 40-60 degrees.

If you only have a few that need to be washed, you can skip to Dry Pail and  Pre Wash. Just rinse off by hand and then run through a Normal wash programme.

4. Drying

The sun works wonders for bacteria and drying the Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters naturally. The sunlight is great for stains and the UV radiation will help remove the bacteria. The Pocket Nappies will dry slightly faster than the Insert Boosters. So once the Pocket Nappy is dry  you can place a one of the extra ones in to be used.

You can tumble dry the Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters on low.

Getting your Reusable Pocket Nappies Ready

Once Pre-Soaked and Washed, you can start prepping them so they are ready to be used. Having your reusable pocket nappies ready to go makes it quicker and a bit easier as you need to do a nappy change. Once nappies are clean and dry it doesn't take much time to get them ready.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Insert Boosters

Lay the Insert Booster(s) flat. Use one for newborn. Use two for bit bigger babies and sleep time.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Prepping the nappy

Place Insert Booster(s) inside the Pocket Nappy. Make sure it is placed flat. Keep all of it inside to prevent leaks.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Nice and flat

Once the insert booster(s) are in place, take your hand out and smoothen them so the pocket nappy sit flat.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Bio Liner

Place the Bio Liner ontop. Fluids pass through. Solids remain on top.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Front Domes

Button the front domes to shorten the rise. Perfect for newborns. Adjust as baby grows. Tuck in fabric upwards to prevent leaks.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Placing it right

Put on the Pocket Nappy. Place into underwear line.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Thigh and Waist

Wrap front tab around the stomach. Bring the wings around. Bottom row to adjust thigh. Top row to adjust waist.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Repeat on right

Bottom row for thigh. Top row for waist.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Not too tight or loose

Use two fingers to measure width between baby's tummy and nappy.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Tuck in

Tuck & flatten fabric and nappy flaps. Ensure it's not touching any clothes creating leaks.

Use reusable pocket nappy
Double Leak Guards

Place into underwear line to avoid leaks.

Use reusable pocket nappy
All done!

The Pocket Nappy sits nicely above bum with everything well tucked in.

The Little Genie Challenges 1-31 May 2021


Phase 1 – Day 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Do the initial 24 h cold pre-soak of the Pocket Nappies and Insert Boosters. As they are all ready to be used start using ONE Pocket Nappy a day. Find a time and place that suits you and have the Pocket Nappy on for 1-2 hours. 

Phase 2 – Day 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
Now let's try the Pocket Nappy twice a day! Pick a time, maybe morning and arvo where bubs use the Pocket Nappy for 1-2 hours before and after it's day time nap.

Phase 3 – Day 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15
Let's go for a little outing! Pop little darling in the pram and go for a walk around the block. Maybe a quick swing in the sun at the playground.

Half way point!

Phase 4 – Day 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20
Let's double up! It's time to try the reusable nappies for a little midday sleep. Double up on the insert boosters and let little bubs dream away for a little nap.

Phase 5 – Day 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25
Out & About baby! Pop on a Reusable Pocket Nappy and Pack the extra one down in your bag. Don't forget that wet bag! Now, do a mission somewhere fun and make sure to do a nappy change.

Phase 6 – Day 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31
Home Stretch now! Challenge yourself to have bubs go to bed in the Reusable Pocket Nappy using extra insert boosters.

Any questions, concerns or feedback, get in touch with us!

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