Little Genie Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Nappy

Just one nappy will make a change

You don't have to go all in and completely change to using reusable nappies. If that is not you, it is not you. There is no right or wrong here – you set your own rules and what suits you.

There are 365 days of the year, and even using just one reusable nappy per day, will make a huge difference. Just one nappy. You can even set aside one day of the week that is Cloth Nappy Day. Mix with Little Genie Compostable Nappies when you feel like it and charge up for the next day.

Taking little baby steps towards a better future can be done at your own pace.

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You'll find our Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Nappies at Countdown across New Zealand.

Better for the environment

Better for your baby

Money Savings

Very easy to use

Because they are amazing!

With double leak guard & charcoal insert booster

The Little Genie Reusable Viscose from Bamboo Charcoal Nappy is a One-Size-Fit-Most thanks to the elastic waist and adjustable buttons. The outside is made from 100% waterproof PUL.

The Charcoal is infused to the Bamboo Insert Booster and inner layer using Nano-Technology. This enhances the breathability, making it easier on sensitive skin. Bamboo Charcoal is a Quick Dry fabric that has superior absorption and deodorizing abilities. It regulates the temperature keeping it dry and help prevent nappy rash. It can be washed numerous time without loosing the Charcoal qualities.

Bamboo Charcoal Inserts

The Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Nappy comes with one Reusable Bamboo Charcoal inserts. You can purchase more to boost up through sleeps. 

Place Insert Boosters inside the pocket of the Little Genie Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Nappy with Double Leak Guard. We advice to use two Insert Boosters for extra absorbency. When done, remove the insert from pocket. Wash at 40-60°C with a small amount of detergent.

Compostable Bamboo Bio-Liners

Little Genie Viscose from Bamboo Bio-Liners are gentle and soft. Free of any harsh synthetic chemicals, dyes and preservatives, perfect to care your baby’s skin.

Place the Viscose from Bamboo Bio-Liner on the inside of the Little Genie Reusable Nappy. Fluids pass through the liner while solids remain on top, to keep messes contained for easy clean-up. This makes changing time easy and extends the life of your cloth nappy.

We recommend disposing the Bamboo Bio-Liners in a home composting environment. If this is not an option please dispose in the rubbish. Do NOT flush down in the toilet. For hygiene reasons, we do not recommend disposing of the Little Genie Bamboo Bio-Liners in a composting environment after number twos.

Myths about cloth nappies

They cause nappy rash

The Bamboo Charcoal is amazing at soaking up the wetness, keeping it inside the insert booster and moving it away from the baby skin. The fabric is a Quick Dry with superior absorption and deodorizing abilities, great for sensitive baby skin. It is not the wetness in itself that cause rash, but the bacteria in twos and leaving the nappy on for too long.

Twos all over the place

To make changing time less of a mess and extend the lifetime of your Reusable Nappy we recommend using together with Little Genie Compostable Bamboo Bio-Liners. It is also an amazing opportunity to keep an eye out for when baby does twos to introduce and offer the potty.

They leak

They don't. The Little Genie Reusable Nappy come with double leak guards much like your disposable ones keeping everything on the inside.

They are expensive

Not really. Not if you think just how many nappies you would go through with 1, let alone 2 or 3 kids. Our cloth nappies are such good quality, so if taken care of properly, they will last you through the entire time using nappies.

They are massive and bulky

Not true at all, they fit just as snug under pants like disposable nappies do. Sure the sizing is a little bit different but cloth nappies today are nothing like what they used to be. They are effective, slim and work really well in a modern world.

You go through more

Like any nappy they need changing and walking in around with a full or close to full one, cant be comfy for little bottoms. You know your baby the best and how much they drink and eat, to expect what and when for it to come out. Just keep an eye out and feel if it is ready to be changed into a new one.

Complicated to change

We assure you it is not. The nappy has an elastic waist, and together with adjustable buttons it fits and sits nicely on any little baby bum. The putting on and off is very much the same as a disposable nappy.

It is too much work

It really isn't. It is no more work than washing your own clothes. And you have probably noticed there is a lot of washing being done anyway with grubby little kids being adventurous.


Let's be part of saving the planet

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. You have to make the decision and see what it is worth to you. Teeny tiny bit of extra washing, or being part of saving the planet....

Having kids and going through years and years of nappies does impact the environment, your wallet and hopefully conscience. Using reusable cloth nappies will make you feel like a hero!  A legend!


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