Reusable Nappy Challenge

There is a quote that says "How can you tell if a parent uses reusable nappies? – Don't worry.. they'll tell you!" At Little Genie we believe there is such a truth to this as once you are sold on Reusables, there is no going back.

With the launch of our Reusable Charcoal Nappies, we felt a bit the same. We wanted to see how easy or difficult it would be to introduce our products to fresh eyes and see if they would continue using them. So we decided to join team with The Fourth and create a group of mamas to trial our Nappies and hopefully at the end of it – be one of those enthusiastic users that want to spread the love.

The mamas

In the team we have 10 amazing mamas, some that have used reusable nappies for a long time  and do it more or less full-time. We have some mamas that have never used a reusable nappy before. Some are first time mamas, some are expecting a new addition and some have a beautiful little bunch already. So the set up is amazing with support and encouragement for all to find their way.

The products

Each mama was given a goodie bag with our Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Nappies, Insert Boosters and our Charcoal Baby Wipes. We want to see how our motto "just one nappy" can work for the group, if they find it a challenge or much easier then expected.

The babies

We have got 10 busy little bums that likes to play, get around, jump, crawl, sleep, do ones and twos. We believe these little bubs are really gonna put our Reusable Nappies to the test and we are excited to see how this is going to go. Keep tuned!


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