Little Genie Compostable* Nappy Pants

Will they Nappy Pants compost in a home compost?

50% off it will, the rest that can't be composted will need to be disposed in the general rubbish. The Little Genie Nappy Pant will compost up to 50% in a home composting environment, all depending on how many nappy pants you would use per day, and the size of your home compost.

Little Genie Bio-Nappy Pants are engineered from as many compostable and biodegradable materials as possible and are made to provide maximum protection and comfort for your little one. They come in three sizes – Crawler (6-11kg), Toddler (10-15kg) and Walker (13-18kg).

Not just any nappy

From the outside, it might look like just any nappy – be we assure you, it's not! We are quite different actually from your ordinary nappy...

Caring for your baby's skin

Little Genie® Bio-Nappy Pants were created by Kiwi parents from as many compostable and biodegradable materials, including Bamboo Viscose, as possible. This soft cloth-like material has no petrochemicals and has been tested and is suitable for sensitive baby’s skin. Our nappy pant design provides maximum protection and comfort for your little one and their delicate skin.

Why we are different. And better for the environment.

The outer layer on our Bio-Nappy Pant is made from 100% compostable bamboo. This is a natural renewable recourse that grows in 90 days, unlike the non-renewable petrochemical polyester based options. The second layer of the nappy is a bio-film attached to the bamboo. Made from cornstarch it's 100% biodegradable.

The inside of the nappy is filled with fluff pulp, mixed with a SAP – Super Absorbent Polymer. These are like little balls that look like grain of salt and they can absorb 20 times their weight.

The beautiful world of ours is using up its resources and we need to be smarter about using renewable ones. The environmental impact drilling oil has in order to create everyday products where there are other natural options, is just not good enough for us at Little Genie.


"Your nappy pants are the best ones out there. They are the only ones that last through the night. They are so soft and gentle and I love the fact they don't smell of that horrible nasty chemical smell. It is so good to be able to compost them a bit so I can at least tribute that little bit to the environment."


Feel with your hand on our nappy and give it a good squeeze.. Nice aye?

Our slightly off-white nappy is nice and soft with a cloth-like feel to it. Being on little baby bums that are out to explore we don't want them to have stiff and hard nappy pant on giving restricting them to move.

The Bio-Nappy Pant is equipped with double leak guard on the inside. It also has the snug-fit elastic waistband on getting your little bub ready for adventures. It's easy to pull up. And down, for those ones who are ready to check out the potty.

When done, you easy just rip of the elastics, take away the tape and then pop it in the compost. Easy!

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