How does the Little Genie Reusable Bamboo Nappy work?

Getting Started with our Reusable Nappies

Just got your first reusable nappy? Great work!!

Like any new fabric that need to be able to capture moisture, it needs a few washes and/or soaks to reach its full soaking abilities. It can take about 8 washes for the nappy to do so. So as you get the nappies and insert boosters soak them cold for 24 hours. It is recommended when washing any new black/coloured items of clothing to not mix with whites as you will get the initial leakage of dye. Once soaked, hang to dry in the sun.

Please note to only soak them this first time. After that we don't recommend soaking them as they will loose their waterproofing abilities.

Getting your Reusable Pocket Nappies Ready

Once dry, you can start prepping them so they are ready to be used. For the Potty Training Pant, there is not much prepping needed, part from buttoning up on the sides and front.Having your reusable pocket nappies ready to go makes it quicker and a bit easier as you need to do a nappy change. Once nappies are clean and dry it doesn't take much time to get them ready.

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Step 1

The Pocket

The Little Genie Bamboo Charcoal Nappy is a pocket nappy. It consists of three layers: The waterproofed layer, the quick dry fabric and the booster.

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Step 2

One or two?

For extra support we advice to put 2 booster inserts, especially during sleep time.

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Step 3

Stuffing the nappy

Grab one end of the insert booster(s) and thread through the pocket. Make sure you flatten the insert as it is inside the pocket of the reusable nappy. It is easy with your hand to even out all the corners so it is smooth.

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Step 4

Looking after your Nappy

To extend the lifetime of your Pocket Nappies, we recommend using together with Little Genie Compostable Bamboo Bio-Liners. We recommend you compost your disposable bamboo liners (if no solids), if this is not an option please dispose in the rubbish. Do NOT flush down the toilet.

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Step 5

Straighten it up

Grab a hold of each ends and again straighten it up so it is flat.

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Step 6

All done

Once stuffed, you can button it up so it is easy to store and then grab one for use or as you are on the go!


"If you know how to use your washing machine, you can be a reusable nappy legend!"


Washing your Little Genie Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Pocket Nappies

Once used, take off the Nappy and remove Insert(s) from Pocket. Flush any solids and if twos, place Bioliner in rubbish, otherwise it is ok to compost. We do not recommend soaking the nappies as they will lose their waterproofing plus it is a great place for germs to grow.

Rinse to remove number 1 and 2, then leave to dry pail till you are ready to wash them. To dry pail you grab a large airy basket and store the dirty nappies there till you are ready to run a washing machine, 1-2 days tops. If you are only using a few nappies you can give them a quick rinse/hand wash and then just wash with the rest of your clothes. Wash with a small amount of detergent, no softener, at 40-60 degrees.

Hang to dry in sunlight or tumble dry on low.

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